100 Day coaching programmes

Honeymoon periods simply do not exist in business. Everything gets measured in its first 100 days: Pressure is intense, observation is increased and people are often more in observer mode rather than supporter mode. My 100 day programmes have been prepared to help people and key roles maximise their personal and professional impact in this critical period. Each programme is tailored for individuals, but based around frameworks for six key roles:

Executive leaders

Senior leaders

Sales leaders

Project leaders

Change leaders

Sales professionals

Each process includes coaching work on the following six areas:

  1. Planning and preparation – Working through a visual planning process participants feel ready for their new role and avoid common traps. 
  2. Creating an initial impact – identifying stakeholders and understanding their needs and style allows participants to connect and engage quicker.
  3. Building broader relationships – Through tools and techniques the broader network is examined and plans put in place to garner support and influence.
  4. Focusing on execution – Participants work on and through critical priorities ensuring early wins and positive visibility.
  5. Building leadership capacity – Increasing self awareness and capability to future proof beyond the 100 days.
  6. High Performing Teams – Participants work on aligning their teams and increase the performance of those that work for or support them. 

Each of the six variations of the 100 day programme has at their heart four key areas that I have researched extensively:

  • Mind set: How to approach challenges and opportunities in the most effective way mentally
  • Accountability: How to hold oneself to account and build accountability in direct reports and this that do not report in to the participants.
  • Habits: How to embed behaviour change in self and others.
  • Execution: How to ensure that barriers, blockers and organisational sludge do not slow changes down.

The first 100 day programmes can be delivered face to face or virtually in English or Spanish. The programmes typically start 10 days before role change and then last 90 days.