B2B Sales training, coaching and facilitation

I bring my multi-industry experience in B2B sales and sales management to organisations through coaching, training and facilitation. I have experience in a a wide range of industries, supporting different parts of the sales cycle. I have done a multitude of B2B sales support projects from one off executive sales coaching through to the design and implementation of company wide B2B sales academies. I work in English and Spanish and I have a strong network of international talent that provide multilingual and multi-cultural support across Europe and beyond.

b2b sales supportB2B Sales support

Whether it is a one off facilitated meeting on a topic, through sales coaching, or on to broader academy level create, the “consulting” process follows the following flow:

Assess: Understand what skills, competencies and mindset are required for your sellers, sales managers and sales leadership to compete in an ever more complex environment. Understand if the tools, processes and strategies for sales effectiveness are the most adequate for your business and its competitive environment.

Deliver: Receive training, coaching and facilitated workshops to support business goals and reinforce findings from the previous assess phase.

Maintain: Enable learning and change to be embedded through coaching, formal peer learning and ongoing support tools such is e-learning and catch-up webinars.

Measure: Ensure that your investments have beaten expectations by using techniques to measure the intervention and the change in tool use, skills and mindset of sellers, sales managers and sales leaders.

If you require support in just ones of these areas, because you manage the rest internally or work with another external vendor, I am able to support that. I split my B2B sales work between direct clients and working as an associate for some world class sales enablement companies.


B2B Sales Facilitation

Whether it is a one off key account planning session or through to embedding a an alliance partnership, I have a range of tools and techniques that can be used to deliver and embed sales effectiveness. Typical areas of facilitation engagement include:

b2b sales facilitation

B2B Sales Training

From small group virtual delivery of specific skill improvement through to a multi-session core B2B sales skills academy, I bring real life experience and the learnings from all of my clients to create and deliver productivity enhancing training. All training is designed with pre-work and follow-up support to ensure the ideas really stick and get put into practice. Typical areas that I work in include:

b2b sales training

B2B Sales coaching

As an experienced sales manager and trained business coach, I can work with sellers and sales manager/leaders at all levels to raise performance. In addition I can train your managers in sales performance coaching, so that they can work with their teams and really ramp up performance. Coaching can be delivered face to face to virtually via phone, Skype or the webinar platform of your choice. Typical areas of engagement include:

b2b sales coaching