Carpe Diem Coaching – Accelerated Coaching

Looking to create rapid AND sustainable results?
Interested in making a step change in performance?
Keen to embed an accountability AND productivity mindset?

Carpe Diem Coaching

carpe diem coaching

Carpe Diem is a system of coaching that focuses the coaching process to just 7 minutes a day over a 20 day period.
The coaching conversation starts before real work begins, allowing people to reprioritise and connect their actions to their bigger picture.
Each person is tracked DAILY on goals, targets and results through an easy to use online “coaching dashboard”
The coaching platform provides additional support between sessions through context focused media, habit enhancing systems and an automated self coaching programme.

Carpe Diem Coaching – A mindset change to coaching

Most coaches taught by organisations and leaders in the field of business coaching, are taught, wrongly, that coaching sessions should last between 25 minutes through to a couple of hours. Carpe Diem breaks this paradigm. 176 minutes of coaching over 20 days creates significant shifts in thought, behaviour and performance.
Over the last 5 years 91% of people who have been on a Carpe Diem Coaching programme have recommend it to colleagues. Why? Because it simply works and the results go on far beyond the 20 days of the programme. The impact has been so powerful many people request to keep working with their Carpe Diem coach.

Carpe Diem Coaching – 7 minutes of of focus

Each Carpe diem coaching session focuses around three goals for the day:
1) The key goal – Something important that aligns to the bigger business objective
2) The stretch or reluctant goal – Something that will make a significant difference but is currently on the back burner
3) The champagne goal – A big important goal that will really make the person, and the businesses day complete!
In addition:
  • Each day the person being coached also receives written feedback and additional questions to reflect on over the course of the day.
  • Once a week a small amount of time is set aside to develop the person to support the bigger business objectives.
Carpe Diem Coaching - Accelerated Coaching

Typical areas of use for Carpe Diem Coaching

  • Sales Force results improvement
  • Sales manager support
  • Embedding new product role outs
  • Leadership development support
  • Organisational transformation

Carpe Diem Scaleability

Andi Roberts has a large partner network of trained and certified coaches who are capable of coaching in multiple languages across all time zones.

Interested in boosting your performance?  if not now, then when?

Andi Roberts holds the Professional Certified Coach designation of the International Coach Federation.
[Image Source: Kim Hattaway]