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ChangeWorksCertifiedleadershipandsalescoachYesterday (Wednesday 3rd July 2013) I completed my ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certification.

What is ChangeWorks®?

ChangeWorks is a system that applies the principles, insights, tools and techniques of “Tension Management” to supporting the change process at the individual, team and organizational levels. The focus of ChangeWorks is measuring, monitoring and managing the levels of “productive tension” the individual or population is experiencing about each of the “mission-critical” activities they face.

What is Tension Management?

For most of the professionals I work with, the concept of “tension management” is altogether new or unfamiliar at best. In fact, when most people hear me speak of “tension management” they automatically think that we’re talking about “stress management” — but they are mistaken.

While stress is certainly an aspect of the overall tension management concept, it tells just one piece of the story.  In fact, too little tension can be just as counterproductive as too much — and that’s a much more prevalent situation than one might imagine.

As a field of study, Tension Management explores the entire range of possibilities from levels of tension that are much too high to those that are far too low — and identifies, somewhere in between, a level of tension that enhances human performance, productivity, progress and potential.

As a tool, Tension Management allows you to determine the levels of productive tension, intention and engagement an individual or group is experiencing about the specific situations most important to them — and predict the likelihood that they will actually follow through and execute on a plan of action.

As a skill set, Tension Management is the key to maximizing positive outcomes and minimizing negative impacts — and supports you in measuring, monitoring and managing the level and flow of productive tension and achieving the results you want most for yourself, your employees and your clients.

As a philosophy, Tension Management enables you to see people, the choices they make and the actions they take from a new perspective — and to work with them more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

 What is the ChangeGrid?

ChangeGrid for Effective Leadership and sales coachingCentral to the ChangeWorks System, the ChangeGrid is a non-traditional coaching and change management tool designed to explore individual and group performance and productivity through a highly client-driven, activity-specific approach.

The ChangeGrid reveals the level of engagement an individual or group is experiencing at the activity level and predicts the likelihood of execution.

It serves as a practical tool of reflection and conversation, leading the client to greater insight and understanding about the challenges they face in maximizing change and provides guidance into how to best enhance their possibilities of success.

How does the ChangeGrid compare to personality tests?

The ChangeGrid is NOT a personality test, values survey, preferences assessment or any other sort of traditional psychometric instrument — but it works in perfect harmony with ALL of them. The ChangeGrid picks up where they leave off, allowing the professional to put the insights gained from the instrument into positive, definitive motion toward change.

Fundamentally, the ChangeGrid is different in many ways:

1) The ChangeGrid explores response states not character traits.

2) The ChangeGrid focuses on specific activities rather than on general situations.

3) The ChangeGrid activity list is dictated by the client not imposed by the developer.

4) The ChangeGrid is interpreted by a professional instead of automated boilerplate.

5) The ChangeGrid reflects dynamic movement instead of static existence.

6) The ChangeGrid is used as part of an ongoing process rather than as a one-time event.


How is the ChangeGrid used?

The ChangeGrid was originally designed as a needs assessment for the customization process for soft skills training programs, but its range of applications has expanded dramatically over the years.

As any practical tool should, the ChangeGrid can be used for many purposes, including:

• Research

• Marketing

• Intake

• Individual Client Work

• Partner Work

• Group Profiling

• 360° Feedback

• Self Application

ChangeWorks coaching will provide participants with the results they’re looking for across a range of areas including:

• Improved relationships with employees and management team members.

• Reduced resistance to change.

• Improved attitude and morale among their group.

• Reduced stress and anxiety among all persons involved in change.

• Increased productivity.

• Reduced conflict.

• Increased cooperation.

• Increased teamwork.

ChangeGrid with Coaching Points What is the background of the ChangeGrid?

For a brief overview of the historical and scientific foundation on which the ChangeGrid is based, watch “The Merging of Brilliance” — an exploration of the evolution of tension management in the past 100 years. Follow this link to reach the video:


My ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certification was sponsored by IBM Software Group Europe as part of my ongoing work with their sales professionals. Training was provided by T Falcon Napier the founder of the ChangeWorks and ChangeGrid methodology (






ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certified Practitioner



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