Coaching packages

As a coach I know the advantage speed brings to individuals, teams and organisations as well as the value of using tried and tested ideas. The pre-prepared coaching programmes I work with do just that. All of the programmes have been used by myself and many other experienced colleagues. Deployment can typically be done in less than 10 days to an individual or a group/team

Take Charge of Your Talent

TCOYT is a programme that allows people from all levels organisations and walks of life to tap into their hidden capabilities. Based around the research and experience of two leading coaches, the process gets people to uncover their passion, rediscover skills and capabilities they had forgotten, accelerate through obstacles and multiply the value of their knowledge and relationships.

Take Charge of Your Talent is an powerful programme at all levels in the organisation and can add value without a supporting development programme.

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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a twenty day performance coaching programme aimed at instilling performance habits. With an online resource platform that supports goal tracking platform, people receive daily seven minute coaching sessions focused around the goals for the day. Each week, is additionally support by an additional thirty minute skill build session.

Carpe Diem is particularly suited to moments when rapid performance change is required. Typical target groups are sales force, sales managers, project leaders and change managers.

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Team Advantage

Team coaching is often unstructured and unfocused. Team Advantage brings a tried and tested process to team coaching that drives extraordinary performance. The coaching process includes an initial connection process, whole team coaching offsite (can also be done virtually) and then an additional twelve team coaching calls to embed the shift in high performance behaviours.

Team Advantage is perfect for team acceleration for new teams of any type and as a methodology for re-invigorating team performance.

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