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HeCoaching Tools document used by Business Coach Andi Robertsre is a sample of coaching tools used by Andi Roberts in his work as a business coach (Click the word logo):

Coaching does not have to be pure conversation. As a coach I often ask people to draw, culture and doodle. The activities that are placed in the document, I may use during a session. I often ask  clients to work on these outside of the session and bring the results and insights gained to a follow on coaching session. There are a whole range of coaching tools that I use and these are just some. If appropriate I also use 360 degree feedback or psychometric assessments.

Coaching Tools Index

  • Mind Mapping (p.2): How to use mind mapping in coaching sessions.
  • Force field diagram (p.3): A technique to visualise the drivers and restrainers of a change a person being coaching is trying to make.
  • Rich Picture (p.5): A visual coaching method that gets people to draw out a situation.
  • Two by Two Matrix (p.7): A whole series of 2×2’s that are useful in coaching.
  • Coaching Circle (p.10): A prioritisation and goal setting tool. Often called “circle of life” by life coaches.
  • Cosmos Clarity Indicator (p.13): This helps people focus on what they can control and / or influence rather than worry about everything else out there in the greater cosmos.
  • Strengths Sorter (p.15): A card sort activity that asks people to consider what there strengths are so they can focus more on using their great abilities rather than worrying about building up “weaknesses”.
  • Team Template (p.20): A team coaching template that you can use to visually work with teams to develop clarity around vision, mission and team strengths.
  • Values Sorter (p.22): An activity that asks people to examine what is important to them in work and life.
  • DeBono Six Hats (p.24): A thinking process developed by Edward deBono that can be adapted to coaching.

If used and adapted please place “based on work developed by Andi Roberts of” clearly in the footer of the document – Thank you, Andi Roberts

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