Compact Coaching

Coaching is not a quick fix solution to deep professional issues, but coaching can help people find simple and easy to implement ideas to create a shift in ways of working with more common, everyday issues. Having said that, In my work over the last 10 years as coach, I have seen them following topics “pop up” time and time again:

  • Procrastination
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Work – life balance
  • Issues with a specific
  • A conflictive relationship
  • Presenting to senior leaders or clients
  • Managing performance of a team member
  • Leading virtually
  • Influencing others
  • Managing upwards

Having seen these issues repeatedly, I developed Compact Coaching. Compact coaching is a transparent coaching package that delivers results for the person being coached.

Compact coach includes

Step 1: Self assessment survey on the topic of choice prior to coaching – This enables us to cut straight to the chase during the coaching process.

Step 2: A two Hour coaching session focused on the topic chosen that works through:

  • A brief review of the pre-work and key insights gained.
  • Clarifying what “good” would look like for the area of the session.
  • Create strategies to reach the defined “good”.
  • Agree on three to five practical ways to reach the good.
  • An exploration to potential blockers or saboteurs to success.

Included in this session is documentation with key tips on the topic chosen and supporting forms for note taking, idea generation and action planning.

Step 3: Ten follow up emails with tools and techniques to support the embedding of the changes.

Step 4: A thirty minute follow up call, two weeks after the session, to check on the embedding of the habits and to carry out a “mini coaching” session to reinforce the changes.

In central London sessions & M4 corridor session for compact coach can be carried out face to face. Further afield, Compact Coach is typically done via the Zoom platform that allows dial in or VoIP (with or without video). This allows a confidential recording (if required), that can be revisited after the session.

I can travel further a field if a series of in-house sessions are booked (maximum three in a day).

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