Habits not resolutions

I am not a big fan of new year resolutions as they tend to be very unspecific, or SMART as they would say in the world of coaching / management.

This resolution is not one of those ones like lose weight or do masses of exercise, but rather to blog twice a week for the full year of 2016. This I would class as a habit.

I have stop-started bloging on and off for a few years. Generally more off than on though.

I have recently been reading up on the work of BJ Fogg and his work on mini habits.

He talks through 3 steps to ensure change
1) Be specific: Blog twice a week.
2) Make it easy: WordPress installed on phone and tablet
3) Trigger the behaviour: WordPress is on the front screen of phone and app. The OU course I am about to start requires a certain level of blogging.

I have some other habits I want to kick off this year also.

I will loop back to Fogg and his ideas as these connect with other interests and study done.

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