Feedback coaching

360 Degree and psychometric feedback coaching

Are you looking to build individual or team performance? 360’s and psychometric’s are a strong tool for improving performance.

I work as a coach providing feedback on a range of different psychometric and 360 degree feedback instruments.

I have been trained and certified for the following instruments :

Myers Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ): A psychometric for individual & team use

Fundamental Inperpersonal Relations Orientation – Behaviour  ( Firo-B) : Interpersonal Relationship profile

EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 : The leading Emotional Intelligence survey

Social Styles and Social Styles 360 : The only instrument that measure behaviour, rather than personality

Lominger Leadership Architect “Voices” : A 360 degree feedback leadership competencies profile

Lominger Team Architect “eTEAM”: A 360 degree feedback team competencies profile

TetraMap: Personal style psychometric

Feedback coaching - Andi Roberts

I am also experienced in a range of non-certifiable instruments :

Winslow Reports: Human behaviour Assessment profile

EQ Map: An emotional intelligence profile

Leadership Practises Inventory ( LPI ) : A leadership 360 degree feedback profile

DiSC : A personaly profile behavioural assessment

FourSights : A creative thinking style profile

Organizational Characteristics Inventory ( OCI ) : Team, Department and Organisational Culture  assessment

Belbin : Team role indicator preference profile

I can run one off feedback sessions, organise for a team or department to recieve feedback coaching or partner up with a current organisation that you work with to provide additional staffing for an organisational roll out.

I am also happy to take on and certify in other instruments at my cost, providing sufficient volume of work is involved in the project.