Future Search Facilitation

A Future Search Conference is a large group planning meeting that creates a shared understanding of the past, align the common present to allow an energized action plan to be developed for the future.
This process has some very specific qualities:

  • It brings the whole system, or all stakeholders in to the room, to create a shared experience and commitment.
  • It works through a task focused agenda, in that the goal is set, and the way the goal is tackled is also a fixed process.
  • It should, at its best, use two full nights. This allows people to subconsciously work on the issues at hand and have the space to dialogue outside of the formal sessions.

The typical future search conference goes through five simple but empowering processes:

  • A review of the past
  • An exploration of the present
  • The creation of ideal future scenarios
  • The identification of the stakeholders common ground
  • The making up of action plans

Three common uses for the Future Search Conference are:

  • Allowing stakeholders to create and act upon a shared vision for their team, department or organization.
  • Enable stakeholders to raise awareness of and discover shared intentions and take responsibilities for their own plans.
  • To help organizational members implement a shared vision.

This is one of many large scale change / action planning processes that Andi Roberts can facilitate or project manage. To discuss to a Future Search Conference can support your organizations change effort or goals simply get in touch.