IAFandFriendsMEETUP – Resources from sessions

Thanks for visiting my IAFandFriendsMEETUP page.

This is just a page for any resources I wish to share from my visits to the IAF & Friends SE / London Meetups.

November 15th (My first one!)


IAF Methods datebase – Range of tools / techniques for facilitation

Mycoted – Creativity techniques library

Innovation Games site / innovation games book – Tools for gamified facilitation

Gamestorming book – Book of tools & techniques for gamified / visual facilitation

Gamestorming website – technique library

How to design visual templates – Free book until Friday

Johari Window


johari window discussed at IAFandFriendsMEETUP

johari-window-overview – Short PDF document that explains the Johari Window

johari-window-character-types – Short PDF document that looks at the types of roles people play in the different windows.

if you have things you want me to add the contact me via Twitter / FB message / WhatsApp / Email me I will add.

I will do a short blog piece here when I get around to it! My blog is here!

Thanks, Andi