Influence self paced learning course

Influence self paced learning courseWelcome to the Influence self paced learning course.

This simple course was designed to be used as follow up to some of the work I deliver as a trainer and coach in the area of leadership and coaching. The course can be taken on its own,  by simply following the instructions on each separate page. The course is made up of ten separate sessions or “mini modules”.

There is no set time frame to complete each session in the course. When using this as follow up to training course, I ask people to do one session a week, and to discuss the self reflection questions with a colleague who has also been on the course.

I have left the comments section open for feedback. I am really keen to gather your thoughts and ideas on the resources, as well as get insights into how you use the ideas practically in your day to day work. If you have any additional resources around influencing, please also share, I will create a separate page of additional resources.

Session 1 – This looks at Simon Sinek’s idea of the golden circle and that if we want to influence and create a bigger impact, we should aim to understand our root cause or purpose.

Session 2 – Malcolm Gladwell has become one of the most well known researchers and authors, thanks to his book “The Tipping Point”. This session looks at the key lessons on how to move the masses and how you can apply these to your day to day influencing.

Session 3 – Being a “Key Person of Influence” by Daniel Priestley has become very popular here in the UK and also in the world of internet start ups. In this session his simple ideas are presented.

Session 4 – Laura Sicola, a coach and researcher, emphasises the need to not just plan what we are going to say to influence, but that we actually should practice how we say it.

Session 5 – This session is a brief one and looks at tips and tricks to manage that key person of influence, your line manager or boss.

Session 6 – In this session, Julian Treasure, multiple TED presenter, focuses on how to speak, so that people will listen. Easier than it sounds.

Session 7 – A large part of business influence is done through presenting. The Toast Masters organisation provides support to help people improve their presentation skills. This session provides some of their key advice for influencing through presentations.

Session 8 – In this session looks at how we can use motivations to influence people. This is based around Dr David Rock’s SCARF Model.

Session 9 – Work in progress

Session 10 – Work in progress


Thanks for visiting my page on the Influence self paced learning course. I hope you take the time to work through it. If would you like to explore how I might help your organisation build influencing capability in your organisation for contributors, managers, leaders or sellers, contact me by using the contact details at the top of this page.

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