Influence 3

 Welcome to this third session of the self paced influence course. This week I would like you to read the popular book / download from Daniel Priestley. His book, Key Person of influence has become one of the most popular books recently developed around influencing. Some of the concepts may seem very basic, but as always, it is the doing” of those ideas that most people struggle with.

STEP 1 – Read the book (HERE) AND complete the exercises within it

STEP 2 – Reflect on your reading:

  1. What are the key insights you take from Daniel’s work?
  2. What are the key ways you will change how you act and influence?
  3. Short term, how will you use these ideas?
  4. How can you use these ideas in the longer term?

If you would prefer to watch a video on the topic, rather than read the book, this video provide an introduction. Daniel is fairly prolific on his ideas and a set of his videos can be found here on a YouTube playlist.

Part 1 of an interview about the ideas.

Thanks for reading AND watching!

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