Influence 7

The subject of influence is very, very broad. Presentations are a great example of when we purposefully aim to set out influence a person or group of people. Toast Master is an organisation whose purpose is to help people become more powerful presenters. If you would like to improve in this area, consider joining a local chapter.

The Westside Chapter have produced a nice and simple overview of the key elements that you need to consider when preparing a presentation or need to formally influence people.

Step 1 – Read THIS document on influencing and make a note of the key points that you see you build into your repertoire for influencing.

Step 2 – Reflect and make notes on the following questions:

  1. Of all of the items that you have noted, that will make an impact on your capacity to influence, what are the top 3?
  2. How can you practically and pragmatically put these into practise?
  3. What can you start to do sooner, rather than later?
  4. What will you do?

Thanks for reading and reflecting!