Leadership development – training and coaching

Leadership development is probably the most critical of all areas that I work in. Leaders are the fulcrum for organisational transformation and performance improvement. Having been a leader in a range of organisations from small boutique consultancies through to large corporates, I have picked up and practiced a range of ideas and tools that elevate leadership culture. I am comfortable running a one off coaching session or designing and delivering a executive leadership workshop through to creating and co-facilitating large conference style leadership days. I have been working in Spanish and English for close to twenty years and I have a network of people I know and trust in a range of countries, who regularly support me on projects if the scale and scope is beyond those two languages.

leadership developmentLeadership development support

The work I deliver in the leadership areas combines tried and tested concepts, models and methodologies alongside ideas and activities that I have designed. I see training as leadership as a “lego house”. All of the concepts or “bricks” are available, the opportunity is to put the “house” together in a way that best suits your organisations culture and leadership requirements.

Assess: Assess is at two levels: leaders and/or organisational level. On a leader level, a range of assessments and 360 surveys can be carried out to better understand their strengths and development areas, as well as opportunities to stretch or adapt. I am certified in a range of tools and have a partner network who support me for those that I am not yet trained on. From an organisational perspective levels of engagement and company culture are the two areas that have an impact on performance.

Deliver: Flexibility is key here, face to face is the traditional way of delivering, but I am equally happy creating self paced learning or sessions via webinar technology. Many programmes I currently deliver contain a mixture of face to face and virtual learning.

Maintain: There are a range of support options to make leadership change sustainable including coaching, communities of practice, follow up events (live or virtual). Customisation is key here, so flexibility is crucial. Let me know what you need and I am sure it can be delivered!

Measure: There are several clear methodologies to show how training or coaching has had a business impact.  I can align to processes that you may already use.

Leadership development training

The leadership development can be very different at different levels in the organisation. I blend  research with experiential activities to ensure that the grounding is solid. In every course a significant time is spent applying the concepts back in to work. This way the courses are pragmatic and create real change.The types of programmes I deliver at different levels are:

leadership development training and coaching


Leadership coaching

I have been working for over 6 years as a trained and certified business coach (Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation) at all levels of organisations. Coaching can be delivered face to face or via telephone/virtual delivery. Typical areas of coaching include:

leadership coaching