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Storm Leadership EngagementIn preparation for a programme in October on Strategy Execution for Senior Leaders, I have been reading “Seven Strategy Questions: A simple approach for better execution” by Robert Simons, and it had an acronym on it that I liked for leadership engagement.

The acronym was developed at the cosmetics company Mary Kay to espouse their beliefs about motivation. Their workers, principally independent housewives and offer workers, they defined, are motivated by five key things:

  1. S: Satisfaction with a task well done (self-worth)
  2. T: Teamwork (a sense of belonging)
  3. O: Opportunity (to succeed)
  4. R: Recognition
  5. M: Money

As a leader you should look for ways to consider how you can support your teams / organisation members in these areas. In Mary Kay some of the things they considered were:

  • Satisfaction: Events and conferences to share their successes
  • Teamwork: Sales force activities and weekly meetings
  • Opportunity: Training and promotional sales aids
  • Recognition: Recognition and prizes such as Sales person of the month & year
  • Money: Financial incentives to strive

One of the interesting things they mention is the combining of areas. For example, Money combined with Recognition, is more powerful than just one or the other. So for example a £20 medal with a £60 meal voucher presented at a meeting is worth more than just £80.

Your leadership engagement:

What is your theory of motivation? (Take time to write this down so it becomes crystal clear).

Assess how good a job you have done in really applying it.

What can you do to make your motivation even more powerful and longer lasting?


That is it for now. Thanks for reading!


Andi Roberts is a business experienced Professional Certified Coach based near London, UK working in Spanish and English globally.

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