Transformation in organisations

Over the course of my time in the corporate world and being a partner in several consultancies, I have had the opportunity to see what does and does not work when organisations try to change and transform. I combine this direct experience at the bleeding edge, with dialogue from global practitioners and academic experts, to ensure that interventions are effective and support transformation acceleration.

organisational transformationTransformation support

Whether you are looking to change one team, department or business area or carry out a complete pivot for the organisation, I bring experience in designing and supporting significant change. I am backed up by an international group of organisational development practitioners who can support in local language and adapt the core methodologies to local culture.  Whilst I am not a believer in “step” processes for change (they are too simplistic), the following provides simple framework create a starting point for our dialogue

Assess: Assessment can help you understand what you need to do by assessing the external and competitive environment, through to organisational culture and on to readiness for change / transformation.

Deliver: This changes dramatically, depending on the scale of transformation. With a background in designing and running large experiential events, the scale can go from 1000+ people roadshows on to group training on the mindset for change and down to 1 on 1 coaching for executive sponsors or project leaders.

Maintain: Delivering the message of the need to transform is not enough. Investment has to be placed in supporting the ongoing process, so the the changes really stick. Multiple methods and tools exist to support transformation becoming a reality.

Measure: Possibly the easiest of the four steps in process. Quantitive and qualitative data can be sourced to measure the impact of the transformation and learn about how to continue embedding change.

Transformation Facilitation

As an experienced, trained and Certified Professional Facilitator, I can support the development of organisational change through all of its stages. From initial stakeholder input, onto change planning and through to moderating ongoing support events. I am comfortable working at all levels in organisations. I have run meetings as small as four people and conference style engagements for over five hundred.


Transformation Coaching

Change must be guided by imaginative, empathetic, and adaptive leadership. One on one and team coaching can support the leaders to develop, plan and support effective change. Coaching enables leaders to think out loud, test their ideas and receive honest, yet, critical feedback. A range of culture surveys or employee engagement survey can help senior leaders plot out required changes. I also work with a range of personal instruments that help leaders be more effective in transformation including Change Style Indicator, Emotional Intelligence and Learning Agility. Coaching can be delivered one on one at all levels or as team coaching. Virtual coaching can be carried out as well as face to face delivery.



Transformation Training

Training in transformation falls into three areas:

  • Transformation skills: Essential skills such as planning, communicating, supporting the change need to ubiquitous in those engaged in developing the shift.
  • Embedding the change: Programmes that work on the hearts and minds of the employees, so that they understand the need for change, how they impact the change and what they need to differently in knowledge, skills or attitude to proactively support a successful transition.
  • Leading change: Skills in effective leadership, conflict management, influencing and communication are crucial for all managers/leaders to kick start the transformation and ensure that there is traction to land the change.

These are three areas where I have designed , delivered and led change projects. I have a broad global network of specialists who can support training in local language.