Recent projects

This page lists some recent projects undertaken by Andi Roberts:

HR & Engagement leaders – Leadership Keynote

Location: London – Language English
Design and delivery of a keynote on the role of leadership on raising employee engagement levels.

Pharmaceutical – Project Management

Location: Dubai – Language English
Design and delivery of a two day essentials of project management that included materials, practical tools and a “live case” running over the the entire programme.

Food & Beverage – Train the Trainer

Location: Amsterdam – Language English
Design and delivery of a one day Training Skills Intensive which combined the theory of adult learning with practical tools, tips AND practice of delivering training.

European Business School – Emotional Intelligence

Location: Berlin – Language English
Design and delivery of a two day Executive Education course for the Creative industry focused on Emotional Intelligence in action. Supported with EQ-i self assessment instrument.

Food & Beverage – Training and Coaching skills

Location: Dusseldorf – Language English
Design and delivery of a performance coaching course with a small section on delivering “bite sized learning”

Consumer & B2B electronics – High Performance Teams

Location – Barcelona & Amsterdam – Language Spanish & English
Delivery of two day workshops design to help managers create and rapidly raise performance in teams. Topics include team roles (Belbin) and team problem solving / creativity tools.

Financial Services – Storytelling

Location: London – Language English
Delivery of workshops for senior leaders to examine the role of storytelling in influencing change. Included in the session are preperation, delivery and feedback on business stories.

Banking (all types) – Cross business influencing

Location: London – Language English
Multiple deliveries of a one day influencing across the business programme that equips participants to plan and deliver effective influencing across different business areas.

Online travel group – Essential Leadership skills

Location Spain – Language English
Design and delivery for 40+ supervisors of a core supervisory / leadership development project. Running in 1/2 day blocks over three week period, this allowed the leaders to embed the learning into work.

FMCG Electronics: Emotional Intelligence feedback coaching

Location: Spain – Language Spanish
Over twenty sessions of one to one feedback and coaching based around the MHS EQ-i survey (Emotional Intelligence) for leaders in a sales / marketing organisation.

IT Security: Negotiation

Location: London – Language English
Delivery of a two day complex sales negotiation course that provides tools to plan and manage the negotiation process with multiple stakeholders.

Information Technology: Visual Account Planning

Location: Brussels – Language English
A one day facilitated account planning process that is customer focused and involved direct input from the customer on the day.

Retail premium products: Social prospecting

Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Language English
A two day intensive on how to augment and use social media to support inside and outside sales. Focused on four core social platforms this course provided participants with the skills and tools to be able to prospect effectively using social media.

Cyber Security: Consultative & Executive Selling

Location: London – Language English
A two day research based programme providing the corse skills of two different type of selling: Mid level management consultative selling and senior leadership executive position selling.

FMCG / B2B Electronics: Core B2B Sales & Leadership Development

Location: Spain – Language Spanish
Two multi-module prgramme deliveries: B2B Sales – A 3+ module programme with e-learning to support the embedding of core consultative sales skills including account planning, meeting management and negotiation. Leadership – A four module programme with e-learning to support the embedding of core concepts. This programme is also supported with 1 on 1 coaching and the use of the EQ-I 2.0 Survey that looks at the impact of a leaders emotional intelligence on their style and performance.

Luxury automotive: Executive Coaching

Location: South East England & London (UK) – Language English
A year long series of executive coaching sessions for a group of Dealer Principles at a Premium off road automotive brand.
Sessions are run as 5 x 2 hour long sessions over a period of 1 year with executive group workshops interspacing the coaching.

Relief and development agency (UK NGO): Team Development day

Location: London (UK) – Language English
Design and delivery of a one day team development programme to bring a team with new team members closer together. The day was based around the Lencioni’s Five Behaviors profile that combines a team survey on team performance and DiSC profiling:  The Five Behaviors Sample Profile

Pharmaceuticals: Business Performance Improvement

Location: Virtual – Language Spanish
Delivery of Carpe Diem Coaching Process to senior leader in Spanish pharmaceutical organisation. Goal is to enhance personal productivity and accelerate deliverables to ensure strategic success.

Energy (Oil & Gas): Strategy Execution

Location: Bucharest (Romania) – Language English
Design and delivery of a two day programme to help executive high potential leaders better understand how to translate business strategy into identifiable, executable actions and manage the strategic transformation more effectively.

Information Technology: Executive selling

Location: Dubai (UAE) – Language English
Co-delivery of an executive selling course that uses employes C level executives to sharpen the business acumen and selling skills required board level. The course combines behavioural 360, cases studies and live case coaching in small groups with the executives acting as mentors and when in cases as themselves as customers.

Consumer electronics: Team Alignment

Location: London (UK) – Language English
Design and delivery of a one day team alignment day. Due to a reorganisation three teams had been pulled together to create a large cross country team. The day focused on getting to know team members and defining an effective way of working for the following months. The day combined graphic facilitation, experiential activities and team facilitated team discussions.

IT Software: Train the Trainer (B2B Sales Core skills)

Location: Ascot (UK) – Language English
Design and delivery of a train the trainer to support the roll-out of a core set of B2B sales skills including territory planning, account planning, prospecting and social business selling.

Catering & Food Services: Influencing skills

Location: London – Language English
Design and delivery of a workshop to help internal consultants before more effective in the business by building up their capability to influence business unit leaders to take on required business changes.

IT Software: Change management & leadership:

Location: Brighton (UK), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden) – Language English
Co-design and delivery of a programme involving all 500 managers of an organisation. The programme is has been designed to transmit the business road map and equip them with key skills to reach that goal including change management, engagement, coaching and leadership skills.

Fast moving consumer goods: Leadership Development Programme

Location: London (England) – Language English

The design and co-delivery of a 5 x 2 day year long leadership programme covering a rage of topics including coaching, innovation, developing high performing teams along with the use of the MBTI psychometric to support and embed the learning.

Aeronautical manufacturing : Executive leadership

Location: Toulouse (France) – Language English
The co-design and delivery of an experiential based executive leadership development programme. The programme has combined graphic scribing, peer coaching, high level feedback and the development of an experiential project that is developed throughout the day to enable small groups of participants to practice and observe the organisations leadership competencies in action.

IT / Industrial Printing : Consultative Selling

Location : Barcelona (Spain) – Language Spanish
Delivery of a 2 day consultative selling course to the full team of an industrial digital printing solutions product line including national sales director, industrial and commercial sales teams and pre sales / post sales support. Course content focused around behavioural selling using the DISC profile.

Financial Services : Consultative Selling

Location : Madrid (Spain) – Language Spanish
Delivery of a 2 day consultative skills course to a broad team from financial sales focused on business to business services in the merchant services division.

Open University Business School : Marketing & Finance

Location : Global (Webinar) – Language English
Delivery, using the Elluminate Platform, of a six month Marketing & Finance course that makes up part of the Prof Certificate in Management to a group of just under 20 students.  An ongoing part time role as an Associate Lecturer.

IT & Outsourcing : Alliance Facilitation

Location : London ( England ) – Language English
Facilitation of a one day alliance planning process for a leading IT organisation and a core partner from the outsourcing space.

Pharmaceutical Services : HRBP Strategy

Location : Global (Webinar) – Language English
Delivery, using the Adobe Connect Pro Platform, of a series of ongoing large group intervention on a series of core areas to upskill the HR BP team to be ready for changes in the pharma industry. Modules include Business Acumen, Innovation, Change Management, Systems Thinking.

Aviation & Defence : Employee Engagement

Locations : Albacete, Madrid ( Spain ) & Munich ( Germany ) Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) – Languages English & Spanish
Delivery of a large scale change rollout to increase employee engagement across the whoe business. This two day program includes aspects of coaching, NLP and leadership skills.

Medical Specialists : Facilitation

Locations : Venice ( Italy) – Language English
Design and facilitation of an annual conference for over 40 specialists from 20 + countries around Europe and the United States. Each day of the 3 day conference used a range of methodologies including rich picture / graphic facilitation and an adapted World Café.

Food & Support Services : Coaching Skills Training

Location : England – Language English
Design and delivery of a coaching skills development programme to develop coaching competence in the Human Resource Business Partner Team as well as for an internal group of leadership mentors.

Technology Organisation : Customer Intelligence

Location : Global (Webinar) – Language English
Design and delivery of a four hour interactive webinar on building customer intelligence. Delivered on the Webex Training Center platform.

Pharmaceutical Organisation : Presentation coaching

Location : Barcelona (Spain) – Language English
Presentation skills with internal members and external partners on delivering effective presentations for medical conferences and universities.

Business Process Outsourcing & IT services provider : Management Development programme

Location : Barcelona (Spain) – Language English
Delivery of a range of management development courses including modules on leadership, performance management, coaching, communication and team development.

Small Medium Enterprises : Partnering principles & facilitated networking

Location : Linares (Spain) – Language : Spanish
A workshop to provide local small and medium businesses tools to partner effectively and then a facilitated networking session.

Publishing Industry : Business Coaching

Location : phone based coaching – Language : English
Ongoing coaching for a successful publishing company owner around business and leadership issues.

Information Technology Provider : Sales Coaching

Location : Madrid (Spain) – Language : Spanish
Working with experienced sales professionals to improve their sales competence through case prepared sales meetings and follow up reviewing and coaching.

Small Medium Enterprises : Innovation seminar

Location : Linares (Spain) – Language : Spanish
A  workshop to provide local small and medium businesses to evaluate their value chain and value stream in order to reduce costs. As well as analysing the chain & stream participants learnt and practised a range of techniques to develop and choose ideas to reduce costs.

Paper Manufacturer : Executive Team Development

Location : Barcelona – Language : English
Team building event split in to three parts : Morning – Indoor facilitation around team vision and mission and core team behaviours. Afternoon – Experiential “movie making” activity focused on the competencies of high performing teams using yacht sailing as the metaphor / backdrop. Evening – Team cooking event where the team creates a series of different Spanish tapas.

Information Technology Manufacturer : Leadership coaching

Location : phone based coaching – Language : English
Ongoing going coaching for a senior member of the HR / Learning area of a Fortune 100 company.


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