RSA Visual Videos – Visual Facilitation, coaching and training

As I am a big fan of using visual facilitation and use visuals in my work as a coach, facilitator and trainer, I am always on the look out for interesting resources that support learning for personal or professional purposes.

The RSA team in the US have developed a range of 15+ videos that are worth looking at here.

Here is my current favourite:

Visualisation in my work:

Visual Facilitation:

Whilst my drawing skill is not up to this level, I work regularly with a network of graphic scribes from all over Europe who are able to produce videos like theses or scribe live at conferences or meetings. My graphic facilitation work is with pre-prepared templates that I then use to focus and drive the conversations that matter. Visual Facilitation is a key way of creating shared understanding and alignment.

Visual Training:

Where copyright permits, I look to bring in interesting perspectives on topics, with resources like these in my training sessions.

Visual Coaching:

Visual coaching plays a part of my coaching work. I often ask my clients to draw out, using simple drawings, the situation they are facing and what success would look like.




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