Sales Facilitation

Whether you have a seasoned sales leadership and sales force or are in a start up position, sales generation requires a clear set of defined strategies and plans over various time horizons that support the achievement of your ales goals.

visual b2b sales account planning

Andi Roberts combines his personal sales experience with his  coaching and facilitation skills to help you achieve greater performance with the resources you currently have.

Currently the post popular requests are territory and visual account planning:

Territory planning

  • Looking to be make the sales force more productive in a short period of time?
  • Unsure which clients may bring the best opportunities?
  • Keen to create consistent focus on high value potential clients?

The facilitated territory planing process is an effective way of refocusing and re prioritising efforts for a sales force to get them to map out and understand were their growth target accounts lie. The full day process takes the sales professionals through a series of mini teach sessions that are then applied to their territories. Participants develop their plans with additional input from the skilled facilitator and their peers. The process ends with a clearly defined action plan that sets the professionals on a 4 week path to even greater success

Outcomes: Territory planning

  • Clear prioritisation of target accounts based on a set of criteria
  • A deeper understanding of where time, effort and resources are best spent
  • A 30, 60 and 90 day plan for hitting target accounts

Investment: Territory planning

  • 45 minute interviews with three senior sales leaders
  • 1 Hour preparation time for each sales professional attending
  • 1 Day facilitated session
  • 90 minute follow up coaching call for all participants

Additional one on one or team coaching is available to supplement the workshop and drive the required results.

Visual Account planning

  • Aiming to develop more strategic relationships with your most profitable clients?
  • Looking to create a bigger footprint with an enhanced product range with your clients?
  • Keen to gain a foothold with important businesses?

The Account Plan is the single plan which governs goals, objectives, roles and activities on any given client account and usually covers the next 12 to 18 months. It is the basis for a solid and effective, growth-focused relationship between the members of the extended account team and their Client. It reflects the team’s strategic insight into both the client’s strategic plans  and the current pain points and your business portfolio, which are merged into concrete opportunities, pursuits and activities that will help the client in their marketplace while growing your business.

This full day workshop examines the current state of play, investigates the future and maps out the opportunities for growth in the client business by extending and influencing a larger group of stakeholders.

Outcomes : Account planning

  • Clarity on customers business and key strategic intentions
  • Clearly defined customer stakeholder influence map
  • Product & Service placement opportunity map
  • 30,60,90 day account plans to expand and strengthen relationships in the account

Investment : Account planning

  • 45 minute conference call with programme sponsors
  • 45 minute conference call for all participants
  • 1 day workshop
  • 3 forty five minute follow up coaching call for all participants

Andi Roberts also delivers facilitated workshops around the following sales related

Account protection planning: Helping you devise strategies to defend your key accounts from your major competitors.

Client insight meeting: Product & service development through highly participative and engaging facilitated sessions with your customers.

Partnership planning: Helping you and your key partners clarify expectations, objectives and processes to work more effectively together.

Negotiation planning: Ensuring you have explored and developed a sound negotiation strategy and are fully prepared for a range of possible challenges in your important negotiations.