Social Styles Coaching

  • Keen to give quality feedback about how your employees behave?
  • Interested in improving personal impact and effectiveness?
  • Looking to help people boost their performance?

Social Style Certified Coach Facilitator TrainerSocial Styles is a multi-rater behavioural tool that helps people understand how others perceive them. The aim of Social Styles 360 or multi-rater coaching is to improve the quality and consistency of the relationships the person being coached has. Social Styles Coaching provides additional insights that supports competencs based 360’s such as Voices or the Leadership Practise Inventory.

As the Social Styles Instrument is based directly on the behaviour others perceive this person to be, the feedback is correct and direct. The feedback coaching looks at the three scales of Social Styles:

Social Style scale – Assertiveness: If the person is more ask or tell assertive.

Social Style Scale – Responsiveness: If the person more control (task) or emote (people) responsive.

Social Style Scale – Versatility: The ability of the person to adjust or adapt their social style over four areas: Image, Presentation, Competence and Feedback in order to develop a more dynamic and appropriate relationship.

During the course of the feedback session, the results of the survey are given after a person has had the three scales of the model explained. The rest of the time after feedback, is spent helping the person being coached work on direct organisational applications to improve relationships and therefore work performance.

Social Style coaching packages

Andi Roberts provides three levels of coaching programme for Social Style coaching processes:

  • Social Style Multi-rater survey
  • One 60 minute feedback / coaching session

  • Social Style Multi-rater survey
  • One 60 minute feedback session
  • Three 60 minute coaching sessions

  • Pre coaching process Social Style Multi-rater survey
  • One 60 minute feedback session
  • Six 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Follow up Social Style Multi-rater survey
  • One 60 minute final feedback session
For groups of six or more, you may want to consider running a workshop (face to face or virtual) for a half or full day. A workshop would allow participants to learn their social style preferences, learn to recognise in others and develop skills in flexing their approach, in order to improve communication.
Andi Roberts can deliver Social Styles Coaching in English and Spanish and has an international team of accredited coaches to support regional or global roll outs. Andi Roberts is a Tracom Certified Social Styles Trainer & Coach and a Professional Certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation.


  • Greater self awareness
  • Enhanced personal relationships
  • Increased influence
  • Improved performance

Coaching Collateral:

  • Social Styles Mulit-rater report
  • Coaching handbook


  • Time: 15 mins per feedback giver and programme level dependant for person being coached
  • Fees: Programme level dependent

Group size:

  • Run typically as one on one session but can be done in a group / team environment


  • Can be run face to face in London / M4 Corridor or globally via telephone / VOIP / Web conferencing

In addition:

  • Workshops on coaching skills that interweave Social Style are also run by Andi Roberts