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Bikablo challenge – 100 sketchnotes

Today I completed my self set drawing challenge, the Bikablo challenge. The challenge was to draw 100 note pages around the topic of “self improvement”, using “bikablo” style figures. I set myself the Bikablo challenge inĀ order to help shift towards my working out loud challenge… Continue reading

Stick people – Bikablo style

As part of my Working Out Loud challenge to become a graphic scribe, I recognised that I am absolutely hopeless at drawing. That is a bit of a challenge if you are aiming to charge for scribing in workshops. Now if I speak to graphic… Continue reading

Airplane productivity – Sketch noting time?

I have done a couple of of return flights to Germany (Frankfurt and Stuttgart) this week and I reflected on how best to use my time on the flights. I do not like doing emails on planes or any client work, due to the confidential… Continue reading