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Performance Management

I recently read THIS Point of View paper from Achieve+Forum on performance management. It has some great statistics on the issues with current performance management systems. Essentially many of the large HR consultancies have said that they are not fit for purpose. I think most people… Continue reading

SBI Feedback model – Situation Behaviour Impact

I while back I did some research around popular feedback models (Posts tagged “feedback“). Recently I was developing some materials for a client and they requested to use the SBI Feedback model. I did know of it, though personally do not use it, as I… Continue reading

EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 Certified

I had not written this up and so looping back to it. I recently got certified by High Performing Systems on the EQ-i 2.0 / EQ-i 360 from MHS. The model is extremely well developed and the psychometrics of it are very robust as it is… Continue reading

ABCDE Model – Improving Emotional Intelligence

This week I have been working all week on delivering EQ-i feedback to leaders in a client organisation. One of the considerations of emotional intelligence is getting people to recognise that for ANY event, we are capable of adjusting or changing our emotions. The ABCDE… Continue reading

Comfort Zone

This is the fifth in a series of articles around key concepts that have impacted me personally and professionally over the course of my career. I cam across the phrase of comfort zone early in my career when working at Plas-Y-Brenin, The National Centre for Mountain… Continue reading

Feedback essentials

Over the last few months I have written nine articles on giving, recieving and structuring feedback. The “Feedback Essentials” slideshow below contains the main points from each article. You can find a link to the original articles in the notes view of the slides. If you… Continue reading

5 tips for receiving feedback

Over the last few months I have written a series of articles on preparing, framing and giving feedback to people in organisations. This final, tenth article, looks at feedback from the other side and considers areas to be considered when receiving performance improving feedback. 5 Tips… Continue reading

Reducing negative reactions to feedback

In my conversations around why people do not give performance improving feedback the number one reason is the fear or uncertainty of how to deal with negative reactions. Here are six tips that should help you minimise the change or impact of negative reactions Reducing… Continue reading

Effective Feedback: BIFF feedback model

In my recent research around feedback and feedback mnemonics I came across BIFF. Whilst the word biff signifies a small blow or punch, you could say that this is how some people feel after receiving poorly structured feedback, that they have been punched! The BIFF… Continue reading

Feedback to teams – 3 Tools

I have written quite a lot about about one on one feedback recently but not taken the time to consider team feedback. As I was recently reading “Repeat the Remarkable” by Perry Holly (a truly excellent book by the way) he mentioned a technique for one on… Continue reading

Top 5 feedback excuses and solutions

I have been focusing over the last month on developing a series of articles around giving and receiving feedback. As I was developing these I was reflecting on all the excuses I heard heard from leaders around the world over the last twenty years about… Continue reading

Feedforward – Going beyond feedback

I am a big fan of building a culture of feedback in organisations and I am certain that good quality feedback is essential to raising the performance for anybody in any organisation. The problem with feedback though is that it looks, typically to poor or… Continue reading

Feedback sandwich – 5 reasons not to make

The feedback sandwich has been used time and time again as a method for providing effective feedback. In my experience, and talking with hundreds of leadership training and management training course, we have found that is simply does not work. For those that do not… Continue reading

Boost leadership feedback

Following up on the previous post from last week around the AID feedback model, I thought I would share another acronym for feedback that was shared with me a while back by a fellow leadership development professional. The AID model provided the flow or format… Continue reading

Effective feedback – AID model

Having been working as a leader and training leaders for twenty years, I have always been on the lookout for a solid concept for feedback. Until now the best I have found is the AID model. AID is a simple feedback model that can be… Continue reading