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UKVIZ – Visual Practitioners conference – reflections

This time last week I attended the first ever UK meet up for visual practitioners or UKVIZ for short. This took place in Cambridge. Defining a visual practitioner is pretty tricky, but basically anyone who uses visuals to support business, organisations or education. Most of… Continue reading

Graphic Scribing – Working Out Loud project 2

I have been working around graphic scribes for the last 22 years, since working alongside, the now deceased, Paul Richardson back in 1994 for a really huge OD / Transformation project. His work really inspired me and the groups that we worked with. I know… Continue reading

1st attempt at a Sketchnote

As part of working towards my goal of becoming a graphic scribe, I am looking to start sketch noting. This is a pretty practical skill to have for my work and for the study of my MA. Here is my first attempt, which is a… Continue reading