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Performance Management

I recently read THIS Point of View paper from Achieve+Forum on performance management. It has some great statistics on the issues with current performance management systems. Essentially many of the large HR consultancies have said that they are not fit for purpose. I think most people… Continue reading

Habits of change – book summary

These are the raw notes I made as I read “Habits of change: how to change your habits when change is difficult” by Sam Davies Website. This was a free ebook I downloaded a while back from Amazon via daily free books website. The chapters… Continue reading

The Performance equation

This is the fourth, in an occasional series, of articles around key concepts that have had a signifiant impact on me as a business leader, person, coach, trainer and facilitator. I originally came across the concept of the inner game and the performance long before… Continue reading

Effective Feedback: BIFF feedback model

In my recent research around feedback and feedback mnemonics I came across BIFF. Whilst the word biff signifies a small blow or punch, you could say that this is how some people feel after receiving poorly structured feedback, that they have been punched! The BIFF… Continue reading

Top 5 feedback excuses and solutions

I have been focusing over the last month on developing a series of articles around giving and receiving feedback. As I was developing these I was reflecting on all the excuses I heard heard from leaders around the world over the last twenty years about… Continue reading

Feedforward – Going beyond feedback

I am a big fan of building a culture of feedback in organisations and I am certain that good quality feedback is essential to raising the performance for anybody in any organisation. The problem with feedback though is that it looks, typically to poor or… Continue reading

Feedback sandwich – 5 reasons not to make

The feedback sandwich has been used time and time again as a method for providing effective feedback. In my experience, and talking with hundreds of leadership training and management training course, we have found that is simply does not work. For those that do not… Continue reading

ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certified

Yesterday (Wednesday 3rd July 2013) I completed my ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certification. What is ChangeWorks®? ChangeWorks is a system that applies the principles, insights, tools and techniques of “Tension Management” to supporting the change process at the individual, team and organizational levels. The focus of ChangeWorks… Continue reading