Team Advantage – Team Coaching Programme

Team Advantage is a globally proven team coaching program designed to transform teams and in parallel build leadership coaching capacity leaders. The program uses the principals of gamification to drive performance changes. The process is oriented around a stretch goal that is meaningful to the teams and organisation’s success. The coach coaches both the team and leader and this ensure sustainability.

The process is carried out over four phases, lasting 16 weeks:

Phase 1: Leader Coaching: Team leaders work with a coach to prepare for the team section. Leaders experience coaching and build their own coaching competency

Phase 2: Game Plan: The team develops a game plan over a one or two-day workshop under the guidance of the team coach.

Phase 3: Team Coaching: This transformation phase accelerates the process of changing mindsets and behaviours, and improves leadership skills. The coach works with the team in a series of sessions over four months (remote or live) that increases peer accountability needed for the team to execute their plan and experience sustainable change.

Phase 4: Celebration: The coach reminds the team leader and team of the importance of celebrating even small successes and recognition of the contributions of everyone on the team.

“The Team Advantage is for any leader with a team and a goal.  It’s a proven process, with challenges and rewards, that will drive your team past typical corporate objectives to new levels of engagement and commitment. You can transform your team and your organisation  with The Team Advantage.”

Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level.

Team Advantage benefits

FOCUSES ON BUSINESS OUTCOMES – The programme is 100% orientated around a goal that impacts the business
BUILDS LEADERSHIP SKILLS – The coach creates sustainable leadership skills in the team leader
CREATES OWNERSHIP OF RESULTS – As the team co-create the goal and plan, accountability becomes a core of how the team works
PRODUCES SUSTAINABLE RESULTS – The skills and tool learnt on the programme can be re-used once it has been completed.
INCREASES COMMUNICATION – The trust building of the coach enable greater levels of communication quality.
PROMOTES FUN – Celebrating success becomes an important facet of the way of working.

Research by the programme developers, Pyramid Resource Group, shows the following results:

  • 30 Point increase in employee engagement in less than a year using Team Advantage
  • 65 Percent reduction in overtime expenditures while using Team Advantage
  • 10:1 Return on investment using Team Advantage to increase customer retention

Choose Team Advantage

Team Advantage works for organisations that are…

  • Struggling to wade through change
  • Needing to speed up their business
  • Launching new products or services
  • Building leadership bench strength
  • Engaged in a merger or acquisition
  • Looking to propel performance