Team facilitation

Team facilitation by an independent facilitator, briefed by key stakeholders, ensures that meeting time is effectively spent focused on the issues at hand rather than on trying to develop a process for working together.

Andi Roberts works with the team to simply create better team conversations that lead to better team decisions, which lead to better team and organisational results.

Below is a range of “standard” programmes. Andi Roberts can also work with you to design bespoke meetings, conferences and events:

Team Catalyst Programme : A two day team programme that combines a dynamic facilitation, team coaching and training to kick start new teams to immediate high performance.

Team Restart Programme : A two day programme that get a currently working team to reflect, refocus and re-energise to break past their previous team performance level.

Team Conflict Resolution Programme : A half or full day programme that facilitates the resolution of conflictive issues that are hampering team harmony and performance.

Team Review Programme : A one day programme that allows the team to go through a process of review, realign, refocus and re-energise through facilitation and an appropriate team survey (team roles, team emotional & social intelligence, team competency).

Project Kick off : A programme to kick start the beginning of any new project that splits its time developing and improving the team dynamics and also creating a strong project vision with all of the key components that a new project requires.

Project Review Programme : A programme that ensures key lessons learned are captured and shared so that the learning developed does not disappear and any potential mistakes carried out again.

Creativity & Innovation meetings : Bringing a series of tools and techniques to sessions to develop new products ,services or internal processes.

Process Improvement Programmes : Sessions to improve and shorten processes in the organisation to make the business more agile whilst driving down costs.
Meeting facilitation : As simple as it sounds!

Face to Face or Virtual Team Facilitation

Andi works as a facilitator face to face or virtually. His work day is pretty broad from 6am to midnight UK time to cover broad international virtual teams.

Same time, same place : Traditional meeting facilitation using a range of tools, techniques and processes

Same time, different place : Virtual meetings using on-line platforms such as GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect or similar systems.

Different time, different & same place : Virtual Meeting environments for discussion and decision making such as Wikis, ForumsĀ  or combined platforms like Moodle.

Andi is a Certified Professional Facilitator and a Professional Certified Coach.
Andi can work with your team in English or Spanish.