Boosting performance through people

Effective Insights delivers world leading training courses & coaching in the UK & Europe.

Our focus is simply on four critical areas of business success for the 21st Century:

Leadership: Ensuring alignment, commitment and passion at all levels of your organisation.

Collaboration: Creating teams, departments and units that share effectively and consistently.

Innovation: Helping you go beyond the current to reinvent products, services, process and the organisation.

Sales: Creating a solid, customer centric set of skills in a business savvy sales force.

The effective Insights team are:

  • Bilingual local language and English for the country they work in.
  • Experienced in business with a minimum of 10 years in a management role
  • Experienced in delivery with a minimum of 10 years in training, coaching or facilitation.
  • Easy to work with and focused on your results.

Training courses

From one off course on leadership, team performance or related skills we collaborate to design, deliver and follow up to ensure you get amazing value out of our courses.


From leadership retreats to business strategy we help you by focusing on managing the process so you can excel on the task.


One on one, team and group coaching programmes that empower your employees to exceed their own and your expectations of performance.


From strategy sharing to innovation jams we create bespoke events that are one offs to multiple events in multiple languages and locations.

Leaders Collaborating and Innovating Togetther

Actionable deliveries that result in increased business performance

Our passion is training, coaching and facilitation that deliver business results over the short and medium term. We blend our training with psychometrics and ongoing coaching to ensure that people don’t just get it once, but apply the ideas again and again.