Voices 360 feedback coaching

voices 360 feedback coachingVOICES 360 is a powerful web-enabled competency-based, research-validated 360º assessment which provides a manager with critical data for leadership development and management improvement.
Objective feedback is a cornerstone process in stimulating managers and people toward self-improvement, job enhancement and career success. The Lominger 360º feedback process reveals how each manager’s job behaviours are perceived by those around them, and which of those behaviours are considered the most important for success.

Voices® is the survey tool that supports the Lominger LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® competencies. This competency set developed by Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger has been developed from multiple sources including organizations such as the Center for Creative leadership and the writings of authoritative leadership authors including John Kotter, James Kouzes and Barry Posner and Warren Bennis.

The competency set is divided in to:

67 Competencies – These competencies are the core competencies required to do any role in any organization. To create an easier understanding of the 67 competencies they have been grouped into “factors” and within these factors clusters.

An example of this is Factor 1 – Strategic skills under which there are 3 clusters: “Understanding the business”, “Making complex decisions” and “Creating the new and the different”. Within the cluster “Creating the new and the different” are 5 specific competencies:

  • Dealing with ambiguity
  • Creativity
  • Innovation management
  • Perspective
  • Strategic agility

The different competencies will have a different weighting or importance depending on the persons role and organizational position.

10 Performance dimensions – These come from a review of common evaluation measures and include items such as “timeliness of delivery of work output”, “Productive work habits”, “quality of work output”.

19 Career stallers and stoppers – These are 19 areas that have been measured to have a mid and long term affect on a persons performance and position and includes items such as “Arrogant”, “non-strategic” and “unable to adapt to differences”.

7 International focus areas – Are areas that people who do and will work abroad need to take into account to survive and thrive in the global market place and includes items such as “cross cultural sensitivity”, “assignment hardiness” and “global business knowledge”.

Voices® 360° Feedback is most commonly used as part of an organisations management or executive development process but can also be used during one on one senior management and executive coaching.

The 360 platform is available in over 10 languages including English and Spanish.

Voices 360 Coaching packages

voices 360 coaching package bronze


  • 90 Minutes feedback session with simple action plan
voices 360 coaching package silver


  • Initial 90 minutes feedback session
  • Three additional 1 hour coaching sessions over a 6 month period
voices 360 coaching package gold


  • Initial 90 minutes feedback session
  • Social Styles 360 feedback survey and feedback
  • Five additional 1 hour coaching sessions over a 9 month period

Voices 360 Coaching Overview

Andi Roberts works in partnership with ChangeMaker International Ltd  to bring the Voices® and LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® suite to organizations.


  • Greater self awareness
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Increased leadership ability
  • Improved business performance

Coaching Collateral:

  • Voices 360 Report
  • Coaching handbook


  • Time: 25 mins per feedback giver and programme level dependant for person being coached
  • Fees: Programme level dependent

Group size:

  • Run as one on one sessions


  • Can be run face to face in London / M4 Corridor or globally via telephone / VOIP / Web conferencing

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