Winslow reports feedback coaching

What are the Winslow Reports?

The Winslow Reports Assessment suite is a leading edge psychometric survey system that has been developed over the last forty years by a distinguished panel of psychologists and business executives to measure behaviour and personality. The Winslow Report suite has been developed for three core areas:

Applicant selection – to ensure you have people that fit with the business needs.

Employee development – to enhance the performance of current employees.

Individual self improvement – to support people in career choice and development.

The Winslow Reports system is based around 24 pschological traits split into four core areas:

Interpersonal traits







Organisational traits







Dedication traits







Self control traits







The Winslow Reports suite has been developed by business people for business people. It is one of the few psychometrics that complies with EEOC guidelines for use in selection processes in the USA, and it has built in validity to ensure that a truthful report is generated.

How can the Winslow Reports help our business?

The  Winslow Reports support a myriad of HR areas and it is typically used to support:

Applicant Screening: Eliminating unqualified applicants in the early stages of the selection process.

Personnel Selection: Ensuring the best available people for every position in your organization.

Personnel Placement: Enabling new employees to work with the most suitable manager and in the most compatible environment.

Training Needs Analysis: Scientifically determining the training and development needs of individuals at all levels in the organisation.

Organizational Development:
Identifying the more strategic development needs of the organization.

Performance Appraisals: Determining if employees are performing to their potential.

Promotion Decisions: Supporting the identification of individuals ready for rising in the organization.

Career Mapping: Enabling the organization to prepare individuals for their suitable future positions.

Succession Planning: Identify the most suitable individuals to replace those key positions that may become empty in the future.

Human Transformation Decisions:
Determine which employees will function most successfully in a reorganized business.

What is the benefit of using the Winslow Reports?

In the “Dynamics Profile”, 24 traits are measured to ensure a comprehensive behavioural assessment is carried out.
Reports generated are valid due to the unique use of control questions (3 in 10 have to retake due to a lack of congruency).
Unlimited opportunity to retake for those that create an invalid result.

Multiple report formats allow different receivers to focus in on their needs:

  • Participants report – a complete 45 + page report with strengths, development areas, graphics and suggestions for development.
  • Managers report – a condensed report to enable effective support for the participant.
  • Executive report – focusing on key facets and compatibility for a particular work position.
  • Position compatibility report – a 1 page summary focusing on role compatability.

Informal job position analysis is included in the price of the assessment.

Customised job position analysis is also available upon request.

Group analysis reports are available to be able to analyse trends in certain populations i.e. teams, projects or departments.

Three levels of report based on the same survey system for different organizational needs and levels:

  • Dynamics Profiles: Geared for most full-time or skilled employees in the workforce today. Overview here
  • Discovery Profiles: Hourly workers who may have good earnings, but the work is repetitious. Overview here
  • Success Profiles: For entry-level and minimum wage hourly workers, where staff  turnover is very high. Overview here

We are determined to support your business success with the Winslow Reports and we provide ongoing support and coaching to ensure the system is implemented well in your business.

What are the benefits to the individuals taking the Winslow Reports?

With over 40 years in continuous development the Winslow Report has supported prestigious personal development organisations such as Franklin Covey, Profesional Education Institute and Brian Tracy International in supporting their clients success.

The Winslow Report provides a great deal of information on how the report taker can improve him/herself, their relationships and their performance.

The contents of the full report that is between 45 and 55 pages long contains four key sections that enable a quick integration of the findings into daily life:
1)    Four graphically illustrated charts of the 24 in their focus areas allowing for a quick overview of strengths and development opportunities.
2)    Personality trait descriptions as they apply to the person in the report so that can get a clear understanding of their self perception.
3)    An overview and description of the key influential traits that affect personal and professional success.
4)    Steps for personal development so that the report supports the creation of a personal development action plan.

Andi Roberts can set up a one on one or multiple person feedback coaching sessions with Winslow reports.