Week 2 of H800

A very hectic week of study: There were several big blocks of study for the week The first was looking at the role of participation in education. The basis for this was a Keynote by John Seely Brown at the OpenLearn Conference in 2007. This is… Continue reading

Airplane productivity – Sketch noting time?

I have done a couple of of return flights to Germany (Frankfurt and Stuttgart) this week and I reflected on how best to use my time on the flights. I do not like doing emails on planes or any client work, due to the confidential… Continue reading

H800 First week – Reflections

Today, February 7th, sees my first module, H800, of the MA in Online & Distance Education commence. I have spent a full morning covering the activities for the week.The course looks really interesting and there is an eclectic group of students. Many, of which, can… Continue reading

1st attempt at a Sketchnote

As part of working towards my goal of becoming a graphic scribe, I am looking to start sketch noting. This is a pretty practical skill to have for my work and for the study of my MA. Here is my first attempt, which is a… Continue reading

A google generation of researchers

researcher of the future

As part of my OU Course, I had to read and critically evaluate the following research paper “information behaviour of the researcher of the future”. The research was commissioned by the British Library and JISC to identify how the specialist researchers of the future, currently in… Continue reading

Blogging a fresh start

H800 - Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates

For multiple reasons I have not been update my blog. I am rekindling this effort from today. Over the course of the year I aim to blog more. The impetus for this comes from a need to blog about the Masters Degree course I am embarking on… Continue reading

Pot It notes

How to peel Post It notes so they do not curl up at the edges. Two methods: 1) Push pull. 2) Peel down the side Have fun!

Comfort Zone

This is the fifth in a series of articles around key concepts that have impacted me personally and professionally over the course of my career. I cam across the phrase of comfort zone early in my career when working at Plas-Y-Brenin, The National Centre for Mountain… Continue reading

The Performance equation

This is the fourth, in an occasional series, of articles around key concepts that have had a signifiant impact on me as a business leader, person, coach, trainer and facilitator. I originally came across the concept of the inner game and the performance long before… Continue reading

Thinking Tools – DATT

This is the third of ten blog articles around concepts that have had a significant on me as a manager, leaders, coach and facilitator. When considering to change career in my very early twenties and get into working in people performance improvement in organisation I… Continue reading