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How did that happen – Sketchnote

This is a quick sketch note summary of the book “How did that happen” by Rogor Connors and Tom Smith focused on accountability:

Business Model You – Sketchnote

This is a very quick Sketch note of Time Clark’s book “Business Model You” This builds off the Business Model Canvas idea and gets you to consider your career and how you can shift / change. I have used some of the tools and techniques… Continue reading

Working out loud – Sketchnote

This is a sketch note summery of the book Working Out Loud by John Stepper. This is one of the the best books I have read in a while and I would recommend to anyone in business. The book was recommended to me by one… Continue reading

How to create good habits – Sketchnote

This is another sketch note done whilst on a flight. “How to create good habits” is a pretty easy read with some key messages from research around habit forming from Cary Bergeron. How to create good habits:

4 Disciplines of execution – Sketchnote

This is another slightly wonky (done on a bumpy flight, like these) sketch note of the 4 Disciplines of Execution. I have done this previously, but wanted to see if my second attempt was better. I am pretty happy with this version. Still need to work… Continue reading

Habits of change – book summary

These are the raw notes I made as I read “Habits of change: how to change your habits when change is difficult” by Sam Davies Website. This was a free ebook I downloaded a while back from Amazon via daily free books website. The chapters… Continue reading

Making habits, breaking habits – book summary

These are my raw notes that I took as I was reading “Making Habits, breaking habits” by Jeremy Dean who is the creator of the excellent PsyBlog.   1 – Birth of a habit 21 Days habit forming myth comes from Dr Maltz (1960 Psycho-Cybernetics) and… Continue reading