Feedback to teams – 3 Tools

I have written quite a lot about about one on one feedback recently but not taken the time to consider team feedback. As I was recently reading “Repeat the Remarkable” by Perry Holly (a truly excellent book by the way) he mentioned a technique for one on… Continue reading

Top 5 feedback excuses and solutions

I have been focusing over the last month on developing a series of articles around giving and receiving feedback. As I was developing these I was reflecting on all the excuses I heard heard from leaders around the world over the last twenty years about… Continue reading

MBA project facilitation – The kick off meeting

I recently reading an interesting article about the challenges that students on MBA courses face when they kick off projects. The key points were the challenges of focus, delegation and shirking. I know from previous and current work as a business school lecturer that designating… Continue reading

Feedforward – Going beyond feedback

I am a big fan of building a culture of feedback in organisations and I am certain that good quality feedback is essential to raising the performance for anybody in any organisation. The problem with feedback though is that it looks, typically to poor or… Continue reading

Feedback sandwich – 5 reasons not to make

The feedback sandwich has been used time and time again as a method for providing effective feedback. In my experience, and talking with hundreds of leadership training and management training course, we have found that is simply does not work. For those that do not… Continue reading

Leadership feedback – Cedar feedback Model

In a recent article I looked at the BOOST framework for giving feedback. In that article, the B was for Balance.That is a balance of time the feedback giver spends talking and the person receiving the feedback gets to give input.. Whilst developing the article… Continue reading

Leadership Trust – 8 tips to build

Over the last couple of years I have been particularly interested in how trust impacts leaders and their performance in the business. Through my work as a coach, facilitator and trainer, I have been surprised at how little leaders reflect and consider the levels of… Continue reading

Boost leadership feedback

Following up on the previous post from last week around the AID feedback model, I thought I would share another acronym for feedback that was shared with me a while back by a fellow leadership development professional. The AID model provided the flow or format… Continue reading

Effective feedback – AID model

Having been working as a leader and training leaders for twenty years, I have always been on the lookout for a solid concept for feedback. Until now the best I have found is the AID model. AID is a simple feedback model that can be… Continue reading

Motivation STORM – leadership engagement

In preparation for a programme in October on Strategy Execution for Senior Leaders, I have been reading “Seven Strategy Questions: A simple approach for better execution” by Robert Simons, and it had an acronym on it that I liked for leadership engagement. The acronym was… Continue reading

The perfect MBTI Coaching report – Personal Impact

The licence holders of the MBTI Personality instrument have developed a new report that is excellent for MBTI coaching. This report the Personal Impact report looks at a range of areas that are developed in coaching MBTI Personal Impact Report areas: Summary of Your MBTI… Continue reading

ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certified

Yesterday (Wednesday 3rd July 2013) I completed my ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certification. What is ChangeWorks®? ChangeWorks is a system that applies the principles, insights, tools and techniques of “Tension Management” to supporting the change process at the individual, team and organizational levels. The focus of ChangeWorks… Continue reading

Social Style Certified

I completed Social Style Certification yesterday (July 1st 2013) with TRACOM (the IP owners) UK partner ACCELERATE UK. Social Style is a 360 (mulit-rater) or self perception tool that focuses on the behaviour that you exhibit, rather than the personality (such as MBTI and DISC).… Continue reading

Pinterest – A social selling tool

I have seen for a while now people preaching about the value of Pinterest. As someone who used business social media to develop sales and who delivers training workshops around social selling I was interested in seeing how it could be utilised but was fairly… Continue reading

Coaching tools

Here is a sample of coaching tools used by Andi Roberts in his work as a business coach (Click the word logo): Coaching does not have to be pure conversation. As a coach I often ask people to draw, culture and doodle. The activities that… Continue reading

RSA Visual Videos – Visual Facilitation, coaching and training

As I am a big fan of using visual facilitation and use visuals in my work as a coach, facilitator and trainer, I am always on the look out for interesting resources that support learning for personal or professional purposes. The RSA team in the… Continue reading

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