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#100DayProject – Kick off

I have seen a whole range of people getting involved and engaged in the 100 Day Project, which is in essence, focusing on a topic or area for 100 days an sharing the results. As I am keen to develop my scribing skills (see WOL… Continue reading

Coaching Salespeople – sketchnote

First play around with Copic markers.

Powerful performance

I was asked recently to put together a half and full day workshop together for B2B sellers on the topic “powerful performance”. As I was thinking through what I have done in the past in my work as a coach and trainer, I was immediately… Continue reading

Mini habits – Book summary

These are the raw notes I made as I read Stephen Guise’s book on Mini Habits. I decided to read this book due to the crossover with the work of BJ Fogg on Tiny Habits. Mini Habits – Introduction People struggle with change: Big intentions… Continue reading

Dots, Spans and Paths – Personal change

Starting or continuing habits is pretty tricky for most people, as they do not consider the impact of the B=MAT formula. BJ Fogg in his work at Stanford has developed a simple grid to explain all of the permutations of behaviour / personal change. Each of… Continue reading

Fogg’s Behaviour Model – Forming a habit

As I look to keep up blogging for the year, I have been reading more about BJ Fogg‘s work on how to change behaviour and create a strong habit. Fogg Behavior Model Fogg through his research, suggests that three things must converge in order for a… Continue reading

A google generation of researchers

As part of my OU Course, I had to read and critically evaluate the following research paper “information behaviour of the researcher of the future“. The research was commissioned by the British Library and JISC to identify how the specialist researchers of the future, currently in… Continue reading

The Performance equation

This is the fourth, in an occasional series, of articles around key concepts that have had a signifiant impact on me as a business leader, person, coach, trainer and facilitator. I originally came across the concept of the inner game and the performance long before… Continue reading

Effective Feedback: BIFF feedback model

In my recent research around feedback and feedback mnemonics I came across BIFF. Whilst the word biff signifies a small blow or punch, you could say that this is how some people feel after receiving poorly structured feedback, that they have been punched! The BIFF… Continue reading

The perfect MBTI Coaching report – Personal Impact

The licence holders of the MBTI Personality instrument have developed a new report that is excellent for MBTI coaching. This report the Personal Impact report looks at a range of areas that are developed in coaching MBTI Personal Impact Report areas: Summary of Your MBTI… Continue reading

ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certified

Yesterday (Wednesday 3rd July 2013) I completed my ChangeWorks ChangeGrid Certification. What is ChangeWorks®? ChangeWorks is a system that applies the principles, insights, tools and techniques of “Tension Management” to supporting the change process at the individual, team and organizational levels. The focus of ChangeWorks… Continue reading

Social Style Certified

I completed Social Style Certification yesterday (July 1st 2013) with TRACOM (the IP owners) UK partner ACCELERATE UK. Social Style is a 360 (mulit-rater) or self perception tool that focuses on the behaviour that you exhibit, rather than the personality (such as MBTI and DISC).… Continue reading

Pinterest – A social selling tool

I have seen for a while now people preaching about the value of Pinterest. As someone who used business social media to develop sales and who delivers training workshops around social selling I was interested in seeing how it could be utilised but was fairly… Continue reading

Coaching tools

Here is a sample of coaching tools used by Andi Roberts in his work as a business coach (Click the word logo): Coaching does not have to be pure conversation. As a coach I often ask people to draw, culture and doodle. The activities that… Continue reading