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Circle of control – sketch note

Just over a year ago I started to sketchnote. I have recently purchased an iPad Pro with the aim of developing my sketching talent digitally. to this end I am revamping my 100 day series. Still thinking of a series name! Drawn with Concept App,… Continue reading

EQ-i Certification workshop (face to face or virtual)

The EQ-i is the longest standing and most used psychometric self and 360 assessment to measure emotional intelligence. Applications of emotional intelligence include: Leadership Development Organisational Development Executive Coaching Team Building Student Development Selection While emotional intelligence isn’t the sole predictorof human performance and development… Continue reading

EQ-i certified trainer

Last year I had the opportunity, as part of an ongoing leadership training programme to be trained and certified to use the EQ-i and EQ-360 from MHS. Last month, in partnership with Florence Divet from Wellbeing Matters Ltd, I have been trained and authorised to… Continue reading

Canvas collection – A list of visual templates

I have been using in my coaching, facilitation and training work,the very well known Business Model Canvas from the best selling book Business Model Generation, pretty much since it came out. Off the back of that, I got involved in the crowd sourced follow up book… Continue reading

Working as a graphic recorder / scribe – Working Out Loud Project #WOL2

I have recently been asked to deliver two projects as a Graphic Facilitator. This means that I have achieved my goal of finding some initial work as a scribe by March 2017 as outlined in my Working Out Loud project. Due to Non Disclaimer, I… Continue reading

50 Days of #100daysofpersonalimprovement

Work and travel has been keeping me away from blogging. Aiming to get back on track again. One habit that I have been able to keep doing is #100daysofpersonalimprovement. Currently on day 51 of the 100 days. This is yesterdays: Aiming to place all here… Continue reading

Creative Commons Licences – H817 Week 9 Activity 9

As part of H817 we have been asked to consider: “For your blog content and other material you produce, consider which of the Creative Commons licences you would use, and justify your choice. You can post this in the forum or in your blog.“ Creative… Continue reading

Habits of change – book summary

These are the raw notes I made as I read “Habits of change: how to change your habits when change is difficult” by Sam Davies Website. This was a free ebook I downloaded a while back from Amazon via daily free books website. The chapters… Continue reading

ABCDE Model – Improving Emotional Intelligence

This week I have been working all week on delivering EQ-i feedback to leaders in a client organisation. One of the considerations of emotional intelligence is getting people to recognise that for ANY event, we are capable of adjusting or changing our emotions. The ABCDE… Continue reading

Compendium software – Act5 Part 2 H817

These are my thoughts and notes around Compendium software in its relation to being innovative. To quote the Compendium Institute (2016): “Compendium is a software tool providing a flexible visual interface for managing the connections between information and ideas.” In my previous part of this… Continue reading

Documenting reflection – Act2 H817

In Activity 1 of Week 1 of H817, we are asked to consider the role of reflection and documenting reflection, based on a blog article by Michaud (2010). Notes on article: Increasing requirement by colleges/universities to require students to practice reflective writing. This goes beyond learning… Continue reading

Mini habits – Book summary

These are the raw notes I made as I read Stephen Guise’s book on Mini Habits. I decided to read this book due to the crossover with the work of BJ Fogg on Tiny Habits. Mini Habits – Introduction People struggle with change: Big intentions… Continue reading

Pot It notes

How to peel Post It notes so they do not curl up at the edges. Two methods: 1) Push pull. 2) Peel down the side Have fun!

Comfort Zone

This is the fifth in a series of articles around key concepts that have impacted me personally and professionally over the course of my career. I cam across the phrase of comfort zone early in my career when working at Plas-Y-Brenin, The National Centre for Mountain… Continue reading

A blast from the past

Just a quick share for some old friends!

Marketing jokes

I thought I would share some jokes that were sent from a student of the Professional Certificate in Management that I work on as an Associate Lecturer. I thought it was consultants that got the brunt of bad jokes but clearly not! I culled out… Continue reading

Top 5 feedback excuses and solutions

I have been focusing over the last month on developing a series of articles around giving and receiving feedback. As I was developing these I was reflecting on all the excuses I heard heard from leaders around the world over the last twenty years about… Continue reading

Effective feedback – AID model

Having been working as a leader and training leaders for twenty years, I have always been on the lookout for a solid concept for feedback. Until now the best I have found is the AID model. AID is a simple feedback model that can be… Continue reading

The perfect MBTI Coaching report – Personal Impact

The licence holders of the MBTI Personality instrument have developed a new report that is excellent for MBTI coaching. This report the Personal Impact report looks at a range of areas that are developed in coaching MBTI Personal Impact Report areas: Summary of Your MBTI… Continue reading

Coaching tools

Here is a sample of coaching tools used by Andi Roberts in his work as a business coach (Click the word logo): Coaching does not have to be pure conversation. As a coach I often ask people to draw, culture and doodle. The activities that… Continue reading