B629 Sketchnote – practice makes better, but not perfect!

Inspired my attendance at UKVIZ, I decided to create a series of sketchnotes around the content of the course I tutor at the Open University:  B629 Managing 2: Marketing & Finance. Whilst I normally aim to sketch in a light moleskin book, I thought I would try standard A4 paper. I also ended up using a pen I found at the bottom of my pend draw as I could not find a decent “gel tip” pen. The result was this:

B629 Week 1 Sketchnote - Version 1

I was not very happy with this AND the pen and paper experience was awful. This made me go out and buy some sketching paper (135gm) and a decent refillable pen (Pilot V7 Hi-Techpoint 0.7). I certainly feel the difference in the pen and paper, although this does not really show up in the note itself. Take two:

 B629 Week 1 v2 Sketchnote


Next week in the set:

B629 Week 2 Sketchnote

I need to put in some hours in improving:

  • Handwriting
  • Consistency in drawings
  • Making lines straight
  • Expanding my visual vocabulary

Do you have any resources that can help me improve my sketch noting? Do you know of other teachers / tutors that use sketch notes to share their work?

Thanks for reading, Andi

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