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Recently I was lucky enough to attend, as a participant, the Leadership Development  Intensive at the Scherer Leadership International centre in Krakow, Poland. Several of my peers were intrigued by the Sketchnotes that I developed and so here is a list of resources on Sketchnotes!

General Websites:

Sketchnote Army – The hub of all things Sketchnoting – regular examples and articles and blogs pieces on techniques and ideas.

Kathy Schrock’s guide to sketchnotes – An amazing set of links to sketch noting in Education BUT is worth a read for anyone and everyone!

Learning to Sketchnote

Sacha Chua has put a set of lessons on her blog. I really enjoy her blog and she has been very generous to the visual community.

A really recommend that you take Diane Bleck‘s courses. The free ones are worthwhile and provide a solid base. Some of her course are free occasionally and so worth keeping an eye on. She is a very active social media user and has authored some books on the topic.

Adam Sicinski of IQDoodle also has a free course that is worth taking.

Several courses can be found on websites like SkillShare and


The most well known are those by Mike Rohde: Sketchnote handbook and Sketchnote Workbook.

Brandy Agerbeck’s latest book, The Idea Shapers is worth reading also.

The Bikablo series of books are very good to help create a visual library. They can be found at Neuland websites. These are expensive, but very good.

Social Media

Pinterest and Instagram are very popular with Sketchnoters. The links are to my accounts.

This is my Twitter list of the people I consider the leading visual practitioners.

My sketchnotes

When I started learning, mid 2016, I did a series (100 images) of small sketchnotes on personal development. They can be found on Twitter or Facebook.

I have also started to summarise research papers in the areas of business and leadership. The can be found on Twitter or Facebook.

I hope this was useful, Andi

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