Airplane productivity – Sketch noting time?

I have done a couple of of return flights to Germany (Frankfurt and Stuttgart) this week and I reflected on how best to use my time on the flights.

I do not like doing emails on planes or any client work, due to the confidential nature of the work that I do with them. My typical routine up to this time has been to rest and relax and read a book. This is in itself is productive in terms of keeping relaxed and not becoming extra-tires or anxious.

This week though,  I decided to use take off and landing for resting and use the in flight time to re-read some of my ebooks and make sketch notes of some of the key messages.

The quality of the notes in terms of lines and drawing is not great (due to the aircraft moving), but I think I have captured the key messages).

Sketchnote-6discpiplinesbreakthrouhlearning sketchnote-B2BSocialMediaBook Sketchnote-theartofsocialselling sketchnote-strategicspeedI am not sure I would want to force myself to do Sketch Notes every single flight, but it seems to be a good way of learning and relaxing at the same time. As my MA ODE starts to get hectic I may turn to using flight time for this.

I am interested to know: What is your flight routine?

Thanks for reading, Andi

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