Areas for OPEN research – H817 Week 7 Activity 4

Areas for OPEN researchAreas for OPEN research

As part of Week 7 of H817, we were asked to consider areas for research on OPEN. There are so many, it is hard to pick just three:

1) Quality Р OERs are a mixed bunch in terms of quality. It would be great to see if quality could be categorised, in order that more effective searches can take place. I would also hope that this raises overall quality.

2) Search / Indexing – Currently finding appropriate resources is very difficult. Research around how to improve search capability for OERs would be very helpful.

3) Multiplatform development – As mobile devices become more popular, it might be interesting to look at how OERs can be developed to support multiple platforms and still remain inclusive. My sense is that the majority of materials are developed in the format needed by the developer. Some form of conversion process or guidelines for converting resources would be helpful.

There are way more areas, but I have focused on OERs as this supports OT.

Cheers, Andi

[Image Credit: – Jean Scheijen}

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