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H817 – Where it is at currently

It has been a while since I posted about H817. The reason for this is threefold: Up until recently an assignment was due, and that has taken my focus. Work and particularly the hectic travel schedule has meant I have been in catchup mode. The… Continue reading

Rhizomatic learning – reflections H817 Wk 11 Act

As part of the ongoing exploration of learning pedagogy in H817, were have been asked to explore “Rhizomatic” learning via a video, and then reflect on it, through a few questions:   Were you convinced as an approach? I think as an extension of ¨networked¨… Continue reading

Background to MOOCs – Week 10 Act 12 H817

To kick off Week 10 of H817, we were asked to watch a video and reflect on the role of MOOCs in our current roles. VIDEO: George Siemens and Dave Cormier interviewed by Martin Weller about MOOCs: Read Liyanagunawardena et al. (2013), MOOCs: A systematic… Continue reading

Sustainability models OER – H817 Wk 9 Activity 10

For this second activity of week 9 of H817 we were asked to read “On the Sustainability of Open Educational Resource Initiatives in Higher Education” by David Wiley and consider the sustainability models of four hubs economic models: Coursera BCcampus FutureLearn OpenLearn Coursera Seems to… Continue reading

Creative Commons Licences – H817 Week 9 Activity 9

As part of H817 we have been asked to consider: “For your blog content and other material you produce, consider which of the Creative Commons licences you would use, and justify your choice. You can post this in the forum or in your blog.“ Creative… Continue reading

Exploring OER issues – H817 Week 8 Activity 7

As part of week 8 we have been asked to read JISC report on OER or the OER Research Hub evidence report and consider three priorities for OER research under the heading “Exploring OER issues”.This activity expands THIS previous one, from last week, where we were asked to provide three… Continue reading

Areas for OPEN research – H817 Week 7 Activity 4

Areas for OPEN research As part of Week 7 of H817, we were asked to consider areas for research on OPEN. There are so many, it is hard to pick just three: 1) Quality –  OERs are a mixed bunch in terms of quality. It… Continue reading

Experience with Open Education – H817 Week 7 Activity 1

The first activity on Block 2 of H817 asks us to write a blog post that describes our experience with open education. My experiences of open education are fairly limited and so really I only have two complete experiences to mention: Completing a MOOC: Course on gamification at Coursera… Continue reading

Openness sketchnote H817 – Wk7 Activity 3

Well having just handed in our first assignment for H817 at the Open University, the second block of the course has just started and is focused on openness. The first major activity of the week, activities two and three combined, was for us to read /… Continue reading

Virtual team learning – 10 tips for success – H817

Over the last few weeks on the H817 Open University course, we were tasked to develop some activities in virtual study groups in teams of five people. Each activity had the duration of a week and required outputs to be published to our peer group… Continue reading

New learning technologies – Activity 13 H817

As part of the MA on Online & Distance Education we have been asked to consider the use of new learning technologies in our organisation. I am considering here the Open University Faculty of Business and the course I support as an Associate Lecturer B629. Social… Continue reading

Connectivism – A learning theory for the digital age – H817 Activity 11

These are my rough notes and thoughts for this paper by George Simmons Introduction Core learning theories (Behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism) were developed when learning was not impacted by technology. Knowledge creation has accelerated and the “half life” or period of usefulness has drastically reduced. Learning… Continue reading

Behaviourism – Rough notes on role in elearning – H817 Activity 10

These are my rough notes on the area of Behaviourism as a theory for learning. On the H817 course I am studying, our tutor group, was split into three and we were asked to consider strengths, weaknesses and applications to eLearning of one of the three… Continue reading

10 tips for blogging

In the OU course I am studying (H817), we have been asked to start a blog and share any tips to help our fellow students. My tips would be: 1) Don’t feel you need to write a complete thing at once. Consider doing bits of… Continue reading

10 learning hypothesis – Activity 8 H817

 These are my rough notes on the paper by Nichols (2003) on “A theory for elearning” which looks at ten hypothesis for eLearning. Rough notes Very little academic literature on the theory of eLearning. It tends to be pragmatic and based on experience. Surprising considering the… Continue reading

Innovation in my context – Activity 6 H817

This blog pieces is part of my ongoing course on H817 at the Open University: Activity 6 asks us to consider innovation in our context. My chosen context is my work at the Open University as an Associate Lecturer on the B629 course. Defining what the course… Continue reading

Compendium software – Act5 Part 2 H817

These are my thoughts and notes around Compendium software in its relation to being innovative. To quote the Compendium Institute (2016): “Compendium is a software tool providing a flexible visual interface for managing the connections between information and ideas.” In my previous part of this… Continue reading

Open education research: from the practical to the theoretical – Activity 5 Part 1 H817

These are my notes and answers for the activity based around the book chapter “Open education research: from the practical to the theoretical” by Patrick McAndrew and Robert Farrow (2013) (Permalink) Rough notes OER remove restrictions from learners and educators. Free of direct cost and… Continue reading

Documenting reflection – Act2 H817

In Activity 1 of Week 1 of H817, we are asked to consider the role of reflection and documenting reflection, based on a blog article by Michaud (2010). Notes on article: Increasing requirement by colleges/universities to require students to practice reflective writing. This goes beyond learning… Continue reading

PROMPT checklist – Act4 H817

The PROMPT checklist is a simple checklist for reviewing research information developed by the Open University: Presentation – Is the information clear and readable? Relevance – Is the information relevant to the purpose? Objectivity – Is the content balanced or is there some bias? Method… Continue reading