Working out loud – Sketchnote

This is a sketch note summery of the book Working Out Loud by John Stepper.

This is one of the the best books I have read in a while and I would recommend to anyone in business. The book was recommended to me by one of my Associate Lecturer peers and fellow student at the Open University Alison Walker.

Off the back of the reading this, it has inspired to work on two ideas that I have been playing with for a while:

  1. A short / simple book on practical systems thinking for managers
  2. Learn to become a graphic scribe (as opposed to graphic facilitator / coach, which I already do)

I will use this blog to journey and work out loud as I advance through them. I have added a couple of categories so that these journeys can be tracked indepentdantly.

John, in his book, recommends that Working Out Loud projects be done in chunks of 12 weeks, so that is what I will do.

Working Out Loud Sketchnote

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