Digital Sketchnotes – 1st attempt

As part of my exploration of skechnoting this month, I decided to have a play with Digital Sketchnotes, in order to maximise the use of an airplane flight.

For this I stole my daughters iPad and downloaded Autodesk Sketchbook. I also dug out an old stylus for doing the drawing.

For my first attempt I used “Reading the room” by David Kantor. This is one of my favourite books about group dynamics.

The experience was interesting. It was way slower for me this time, doing it on the tablet.This could have been in part, because I was using different colours and switching takes some time. I only realised that I could add layers after doing the initial sketch note. This would have helped with adding supporting colours or frames. I need to play around with pen types, sizes and colour schemes. Need more serious practice!

Digital Sketchnotes – 1st attempt


digital sketchnotes

Do you sketch note digitally? Any resources, apps or pen setups that work well for you?

Thanks for reading, Andi

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