Equal Onus – Shared burden

I recently came across the concept of Equal Onus and I thought it would be worth sharing. This video  about Equal Onus from Eagles Flight outlines the key concept:

Equal Onus reflections:

Equal Onus

Concept of Equal Onus from Eagles Flight

Both leaders and employees share the burden or responsibility for the success of the organisation and everything that happens.This is in effect, shared accountability.

In order for there to this openness, there needs to be a certain level of trust and openness. Without these dialogue will simply not happen, and the culture cannot be generated.

Buy in has to be at all levels, pockets of buy in are simply not enough for this to be successful.

Three areas that both leaders and employees should focus on to build this culture of shared burden are:

Asking: For the resources, tools and support needed for getting the job done.

Giving: The support (resources, processes, tools etc) that others needs to get their jobs done.

Clarifying: Providing feedback and additional information that allows people to perform to a higher level.

This all sounds simple but cultural transformation is fairly hard and requires a clear plan and appropriate support.

Reflection questions

Having watched the video and read these ideas:

  • Do you have an equal onus culture?
  • What would it take to create one?
  • What are three things that you could do this week, to start creating one in your sphere of influence?

I am always keen for feedback, so if you have any or additional resources that could help, please do post.

Thanks for reading, Andi

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