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This week I have had a bit of a brainwave called doodles4leaders. I know, these things do not happen very often. I am currently supporting the setup of a new venture called “Ideas Into Impact” from tap’d solutions, where we take summarised leading edge business research and use it to drive executive education and organisational transformation. As I was reading through the vast “ideas library” that we have on tap for the project, I got thinking about my personal “Working Out Loud” challenge of becoming a graphic scribe. One of the key things several people have said, is practice, practice, practice is crucial. So I thought the two ideas could work together. So in addition to my sketchnotes of books that I read, I have started to create some simpler “doodles” of these short research driven, points of view documents. I have decided to give these, for now, a life of their own under a twitter account of @doodles4leaders that is just publishing these. They can also be found on my pinterest site under the board of the same name. I may post them up here, but it is not a priority.

Doodles4leaders example

Doodles4leaders example

I would love to get your feedback about either the idea of the drawings.

Thanks, Andi

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