Graphic Scribing – Working Out Loud project 2

I have been working around graphic scribes for the last 22 years, since working alongside, the now deceased, Paul Richardson back in 1994 for a really huge OD / Transformation project. His work really inspired me and the groups that we worked with. I know it impacted at least 20, 000 people that we worked together with.

Paul Richardson

I have always had an interest in visual thinking, since I started mind mapping as part of my studies at the Open University and have seen time and time again the power of using visuals with groups. In my current work I used visual facilitation (supported by templates) for a whole load of work from strategy development through to visual account planning in sales.

Graphic scribing is a different skill set and that is the capacity to assimilate a meeting, conversation or conference and produce in real time a graphic that draws out the key points. Tanye Gadsby has created an excellent overview of the work:


I have set my challenge to shift from just using templates, to working as a graphic scribe, and by having my first paid engagement by the end of March 2017.

In order to do this I need to work through a series of steps:

  • Improve my ability to synthesise conversations
  • Improve my capability to arrange this synthesis on paper
  • Improve my use of visuals i.e. drawing of objects, people and similar
  • Create a clear value proposition and then market it.

I will be blogging my journey here using the Category: WOL-GraphicScribe as this will be my second Working Out Loud project of the year.

I am really keen on resources, ideas and feedback!



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