Performance Management

I recently read THIS Point of View paper from Achieve+Forum on performance management. It has some great statistics on the issues with current performance management systems. Essentially many of the large HR consultancies have said that they are not fit for purpose. I think most people know this BUT organisationas are hard things to change.

The paper resonated with me, as this has how I have always seen performance management. Precisely to help improve individual, team and organisational performance. I have designed over the years, many workshops ,on effective performance management and they have always been geared around four things:

  • Reflection – What went well / what was learned since last meeting/
  • Planning – Personal and team in order to achieve targets
  • Feedback – in both directions and coming from a perspective of development
  • Coaching – Conversations to stretch and raise performance

It is good to see that what I thought was effective is being backed up by large consultancies!

Here is a very quick sketchnote of the PoV paper:

Performance Management

Any thoughts or feedback? Please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, Andi

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