Working as a graphic recorder / scribe – Working Out Loud Project #WOL2

graphic recordingI have recently been asked to deliver two projects as a Graphic Facilitator.

This means that I have achieved my goal of finding some initial work as a scribe by March 2017 as outlined in my Working Out Loud project.

Due to Non Disclaimer, I am unable to share more information.

When I asked WHY they had chosen myself over others, two things stood out: Business experience and facilitation experience.

The “drawing” side of the project was¬†important, but not as important as understanding how business operates and the experience of working / listening to groups.

Clearly, this is only a first set of gigs, BUT it makes me really positive that this is an area for future client support going forward.

I hope to be able to share some work here sooner rather than later!

Thanks for reading, Andi

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