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I was asked recently to put together a half and full day workshop together for B2B sellers on the topic “powerful performance”. As I was thinking through what I have done in the past in my work as a coach and trainer, I was immediately drawn to the performance equation by Tim Gallwey, creator of the “Inner Game” concept. Which states that performance is equal to potential less interference. I used this in a number of programmes around leadership and employee engagement, but not so much with sales professionals. As I was reflecting, I considered what would be key elements that would help sellers achieve their maximum potential.

Powerful performance factors

Four areas stood out being essential, both to sellers but any sales professional:

Focus: Clarity around their objectives and the responsibilities aligned with the role AND the capacity to work solely on those objectives without getting distracted. Partly this is a mental game i.e. sales target, but also it is a mental one of “why” someone does something. if sellers are emotionally engaged, they are more likely to achieve.

Habits: The capacity to create and maintain the right productive habits. As organisations shift and change, sellers have to adapt and pick up new habits, whether it be processes to follow, systems to use or stretching targets that require a different way of working. Getting into the groove (or finding your mojo) quicker is an essential competence.

Mindset: “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right.” once stated by Henry Ford, pretty sums it up. The mentality that a seller has to change, failure and set backs has a significant impact. Psychologists like Carol Dweck have done some great work in this area and have developed strategies on helping people shifting mindsets to a more positive “can do” one.

Reflection: Life is a spiral of continuous learning and in ALL of my work as a trainer and coach, I am always barking on about the need to reflect more: What went well? What did you learn? What could be done better? How can you share your new knowledge / learning? “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana  once said. The same goes for sales professionals.

Powerful performance diagram

So those are the four key elements to create a solid half and one day around boosting performance. These have now been packaged with activities, videos, self assessment survey and group discussion elements.

Beyond these critical four areas, what would you add in to a session around powerful performance?

Thanks for reading, Andi


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