PROMPT checklist – Act4 H817

The PROMPT checklist is a simple checklist for reviewing research information developed by the Open University:

Presentation – Is the information clear and readable?

Relevance – Is the information relevant to the purpose?

Objectivity – Is the content balanced or is there some bias?

Method – How was the information gathered together?

Provenance – Who or what organisation wrote the information and are they a reliable source?

Timeliness – Ts the information up-to-date and does it matter in the context?

This is a quick overview with additional information. This is a longer, more extended version.

All research materials should be reviewed using PROMPT!

I have a feeling that if I use this too much, I may begin to despise it, as I do SMART objectives (Side note, a good friend, Mike Morrison, wrote about the history of SMART here).

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