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After reading “Working Out Loud” by John Stepper, I have decided to embark on two Working Out Loud projects for 2016. One is the creation of a simple systems thinking book that would help managers learn and apply some of the core principles from systems thinking. I have had an interest in Systems Thinking since Peter Senge wrote “The Fifth Disciple“, which was the second management book I ever bought. More recently I studied and completed an MSc in Systems Thinking in Practice. Whilst the content of the modules was good, a great deal was dry and too academic. My aim of this book is to provide something that is small, easy to digest and practical. I am really unsure at the moment for a format, but I am leaning towards a “management pocketbook” style of book. I have a pretty good collection of these books and I like the format, style and practicality.

I aim to put a couple of hours into this a week (whilst trying to balance WOL project 2, work, study for my MA and tutor at the Open University) and hope to share the journey of development along the way.

This is my initial brain dump on things to consider at this initial stage.

Systems Thinking BookAt this stage I am not too interested in the getting it published side of things. I would prefer to bash out the content first and then figure out the appropriate way to deal with making it public.

I would appreciate ideas, feedback, thoughts, resources that might help me along the way that aid with creation or content.

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